In the 1970s, she created the first of her "Femmes", by painting and lithograph, when she studied at L'Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. She presented her paintings,lithographs and echings semi-abstraction. Since 2000, she works on collage using woolen yarn on the surface acrylic painting and installation with multicolor CDcase. In 2002, she showed a work composed by the colors and materials on the plural shaped canvas. She has been developping "a series of Flower- Fleuri" with colorful colors using many tones of pink on base. Her works keep a touch of elegance and feminism but impress us with her free spirit and her spontaneity.

Born in Aomori, Japan
1967 Join the Summer Session in Boston College and travel around the North America
1968 Graduatefrom Sophia University in Tokyo, Japon
1971 Enterl' Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, France
1980 Galerie Ikuo , Paris, France 51 Gallery, Aomori ('81 '83 '85)
1981Cite des Arts,Paris, France Shirota Gallery, Tokyo
1983V.V.F.Le Normont,Dourdant, France
1985Ginza Surugadai Gallery,Tokyo ('88)
1987Rita Theis Gallery,Gelsenkirchen Germany ('90) Fisher Gallery,London Keller195 Gallery,KleveGermany/ Espace Japon,Paris, France
1988Wilheim94 gallery,Urhura ,Germany ('94)
1989Gallery Point ,Aomori ('90 '92 '94 '95)
1990Yurakucho Marion Asahi Gallery,Tokyo
1991Bo7 Gallery,Bochumer,Germany Coju Gallery,kyoto/ Fujisaki,Sendai Tao Gallery,Kobe ('96'02 )
1992Art Point Contemporary Gallery,Tokyo
1993Galerie Blanche,Paris, France Gallery Hillgate ,kyoto ('94 '96)
1998Galerie Liliane Francois ,Paris, France Alliance Francaise d'Osaka,Osaka
1999Gallery Natsuka,Tokyo Gallery Coju, Kyoto
2001Gallery Natsuka,Tokyo
2003Gallery Ami, Osaka " Print works 1976ー2002 " Gallery Novita, Aomori
2004Galerie Edifor,Paris, France Gallery Natsuka,Tokyo
2005Cite des Arts, Paris, France Tao Gallery, Kobe Gallery Novita, Aomori
2006Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo
2007Gallery Coju, Kyoto Gallery Art Point, Tokyo
2008Gallery Ami, Osaka
2009Gallery Natsuka,Tokyo Gallery Fuji , Osaka "Yuriko Yamauchi Prints from the Collection 's Aomori city”Aomori contemporary art center